October 2012 Groupon Information

EXPIRES APRIL 2, 2013 – No exceptions. Your session must be COMPLETED by the expiration date.

Thank you for purchasing the recent Groupon!  I’m really excited to meet my new clients and to see my current ones again!  A few things have changed since my last Groupon at the beginning of the year.  To start, I am especially excited about being able to show you your session images the very same day we shoot, or just a few days after!  My clients throughout the last 3 months have been very pleased with this new service!  I have introduced a mens line, Homme, shot all outdoors in public areas with my assistant!  Super fun!  And finally, I introduced Femme.  Glamour by Pretty Jane for those ladies who’d prefer an updated and modern approach to Glamour Shots to a Pretty Jane boudoir session.

Let’s define the available session choices:

  • Homme – Masculine sessions that ideally show off, well… you, Guy Smiley! All those manly smiles and studly stances. Trust me, your lover would LOVE a desk print for their office for once. ;)  These sessions follow a male fashion style.  Clothed or shirtless… no “dude-doir.  I do require a consultation for all Homme sessions.

  • Femme – Think modern and exquisite “Glamour Shots” outdoors in a field or indoors against a wall. These sessions are for ladies who are not entirely sure about a boudoir session. More fashion, less skin.
  • Boudoir – Traditional, awesome, sexy, fun, flirtatious, etc. etc. etc. Pretty Jane lingerie boudoir…. All your sexiness sexified.

My shooting hours are Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday mornings, then we proof/order in the afternoons or a few days later, always together either in-person or over Skype.  Should you need to contact me, text me at 720-255-1661 or call, or email tonee@myprettyjane.com.

I, like most moms with a family, spend time with my own family around the holidays.  Please expect me to be off several weeks towards the end of the year.  A good rule of thumb is, if you are with your family, it’s likely that I am with mine and will be unavailable for sessions.  That said, November is going to be insane.  I will accommodate to the best of my ability, but please understand that Christmas and Valentines Day are big boudoir holidays.  Groupons may still be used after the expiration date as a credit towards a session for the PURCHASE price, not the value of the Groupon itself. For instance, clients purchased the deal at $99 or $159. They may use those amounts towards the session price, and will also include the products and services included with the Groupon option.

Please read on for many questions concerning the deal, these FAQs were available while the promotion was running.  Once you submit the form below, you will be forwarded through to properly schedule yourself at a convenient time within 60 days.  You may email me at tonee@myprettyjane.com or call or text me directly with your questions, 720-255-1661.

You will LOVE this experience, will have so much fun, and will walk away feeling really great about yourself!  I promise promise it’s not as scary as it sounds.  Don’t bust anything in the gym for months and months.  Celebrate you… now!